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Why Young Canadian Families Prefer Condo Living

condo buildingsWith increasing urbanization, condos are becoming the preferred option of living in Canada. This is probably the reason why buildings such as 25 Mabelle condos are fast coming up in most Canadian cities. Young Canadian families, in particular, are known to have a key interest in condo living over other living in single-family homes. Some of the reasons behind this trend are highlighted below.

Proximity to Workplace

A majority of young families rely on employment as their source of income. This means that they have to consider the cost of commuting to work when choosing where to live. Due to increased population, finding a stand-alone home in the cities is not easy. A majority of the condos are built close to the cities, which makes it convenient for employed people.

Proximity to Public Amenities

A majority of condos are usually located close to public amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and banks, among others. Living in such condos means that you can access such amenities quite easily. A young family with children still going to school, for example, will prefer living in a condo that is located close to the preferred school. Given how young families enjoy attending social events and entertainment centers, being close to social gathering places comes as an added advantage.

Hands-Off Maintenance

The building company usually handles the maintenance and upkeep of condo buildings. This means that the residents do not have to worry about maintenance except inside their houses. It helps to save time and effort, which is a lot more important for young families who always have other more pressing commitments. The residents have to pay condo fees which cater to the maintenance of the condo building, among other things. The amount of condo fee varies among different condo buildings.

Type of Lifestyle

The kind of lifestyle that condos offer is the most preferable for young families in Canada. You get a hotel-like experience without the extremely high costs of hotels. For example, you can enjoy facilities such as gyms, swimming pool, and conference rooms which are shared among the residents of the condo building. Sharing the facilities among many people makes the overall cost to be a lot cheaper.

Family Size

The young families in Canada usually consist of a few members. This eliminates the need for having big houses. Condo units are a perfect choice for such families. Different condos have different sizes and number of rooms. The many options available in Canada allows you to choose what suits your needs the most.